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Best Pre-University, Foundation, Diploma & Degree Courses at Top Universities in Malaysia

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Every university and course in Malaysia is different and each student wants different things to fit their education and career goals. Additionally, there are hundreds of private universities and colleges in Malaysia offering a wide range of Foundation, Diploma & Degree courses. Students after SPM, O-Levels, STPM, UEC, A-Levels or other Pre-University programme will almost certainly need to decide what is most important to you. Therefore, EduSpiral Consultant Services have come up with a list of Top Private Universities & Colleges in Malaysia and the courses that they are best at in order to help students to make the right choice.

Studying at the top ranking university or college in Malaysia gives you a lot of opportunities in your future professional life. Top universities provide a high standard of education that equips you well for your future career. Furthermore, a degree earned at a reputable university in Malaysia makes seeking employment much easier whether locally or globally.

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List of Top Ranked Private Universities & Colleges in Malaysia  Offering the Best Pre-University, Foundation, Diploma & Degree Programmes

I was confused about what to study & at which university. Talking to EduSpiral helped clear my doubts.
Zen Yi, Graduated from Software Engineering at Asia Pacific University (APU)

Part of finding the right college or university in Malaysia for you will be picking out the criteria that matters to most to you, and then seeing if any of the top private colleges or universities in Malaysia that you’re looking at fit those criteria.

Choosing a university to study in Malaysia is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. In addition, your decision will be influenced by many criteria such as the reputation & ranking of the university, accreditation of its courses, the suitability of the course against your academic results and career goals, tuition fees, quality of lecturers, facilities, friends & family, and more.

Furthermore many of the top private universities in Malaysia offer similar courses therefore making your decision a challenging one! To help you develop a good list of criteria, you need to talk to the right counselors or education consultant who are knowledgeable and experienced.

Top 10 Private Universities in Malaysia

My father wanted me to study at the best university for actuarial science & I wasn’t sure about my results. EduSpiral met up with us, explained about the course and university.
Min En, Actuarial Science, Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

  1. Heriot-Watt University Malaysia
  2. University of Nottingham, Malaysia
  3. Monash University Malaysia
  4. Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus
  5. Asia Pacific University (APU)
  6. Multimedia University (MMU)
  7. KDU University College Utropolis Glenmarie
  8. UCSI University
  9. HELP University
  10. MAHSA University
  11. KDU Penang University College
  12. Berjaya University College of Hospitality

Top 10 Private Colleges in Malaysia

  1. Taylors College
  2. KDU Penang University College
  3. APIIT
  4. KDU College Damansara Jaya
  5. UCSI College
  6. YTL International College of Hotel Management
  7. KDU College Damansara Jaya
  8. DISTED College Penang
  9. HELP College of Arts & Technology
  10. Saito College
  11. Point College
  12. Reliance College
  13. INTI International College Subang

Making the Right Choices for the Best Course & Top University in Malaysia

I wanted my daughter to study a nursing diploma after her Pre-U. Luckily, after assessing my daughter, EduSpiral advised me to send her to Heriot-Watt as she had excellent results in her Pre-U & that engineering suited her more.
Mr. Yeo

Choosing a university to study in Malaysia is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. In addition, your decision will be influenced by many criteria such as the reputation & ranking of the university, accreditation of its courses, the suitability of the course against your academic results and career goals, tuition fees, quality of lecturers, facilities, friends & family, and more. We will discuss these in detail later.

Hence, choosing the right course at a top university in Malaysia for you will require some research and consultation with knowledgeable and experienced education advisors.

A knowledgeable counselor or education consultant  in Malaysia would be able to provide detailed information about the university and its courses, facts & evidence to support the job prospects for the course and in-depth information about  which university would be suit you. While an experienced counselor or education consultant would be able to analyse your results, understand your personality & skills to figure out which course and career suits you.

Choosing a top private university in Malaysia to study after SPM, O-Levels, UEC, Pre-U, A-Levels or STPM takes time, it is a process in finding out which one best fits you. Furthermore many of the top private universities in Malaysia offer similar courses therefore making your decision a challenging one! To help you develop a good list of criteria, you need to talk to the right counselors or education consultant who are knowledgeable and experienced. To find out which courses are high in demand in Malaysia, you can look at the Top 10 Courses in Demand in Malaysia.

Doing your homework will ensure that you have chosen the best university in Malaysia that will equip you with the knowledge and skills for a successful career.  The more research you put into the process the more likely you will make the right decision.

Many students in Malaysia are confused by advertisements, perceived popularity and rumours. They simply believe the advertisements or the claims made by their friends and relatives without checking if they are true or not. We have to make decisions based on facts and evidence.

Additionally, each university in Malaysia excels in particular areas, so you should ensure that your field of study is a strong-point of the university you choose. Choosing a university that is best in your field of study may provide you with access to more specialised opportunities, including custom-built facilities such as an Alienware Computer Lab for Game Design students, for instance), field-specific academic opportunities (such as student exchange programmes overseas) and employment opportunities with prestigious organisations in your industry (internships with industry partners, for example). Below is a list of top universities in Malaysia in their particular field of expertise.

How to Choose the Best Private University to Study in Malaysia

EduSpiral analysed my personality and results, subsequently advised me on choosing the right course as well as the best university that fit me.
John Lai Wai Hong, Graduated in Mass Communication from KDU University College

Part of finding the right college or university in Malaysia for you will be picking out the criteria that matters to most to you, and then seeing if any of the top private colleges or universities in Malaysia that you’re looking at fit those criteria.

Choosing a university to study in Malaysia is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. In addition, your decision will be influenced by many criteria such as the reputation & ranking of the university, accreditation of its courses, the suitability of the course against your academic results and career goals, tuition fees, quality of lecturers, facilities, friends & family, and more.

Furthermore many of the top private universities in Malaysia offer similar courses therefore making your decision a challenging one! To help you develop a good list of criteria, you need to talk to the right counselors or education consultant who are knowledgeable and experienced.

The best private universities and colleges in Malaysia have excellent facilities, years of experience running the programme, strong student support services, internships and experienced lecturers.

They are also accredited by MQA and approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Education. Accreditation by the various professional bodies such as the Board of Engineers Malaysia, Pharmacy Board, Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia, Nursing Board, Malaysian Medical Council, etc also indicates the standard achieved.

The best private university in Malaysia will focus on quality, have award winners for the particular courses, years of experience offering the particular course, highly experienced lecturers, a good study environment (not a party university), internships, good mix of international & local students, extra-curricular activities and good facilities. The SETARA ranking is a guide for students to assess the quality of a private university in Malaysia.

When choosing a university and college in Malaysia, it is important for students to visit the campus and see the facilities and feel the culture of the students to see if it fits you.

Talk to the lecturers and find out from the counselors there about the courses and check if the courses have been accredited by MQA and other external bodies like the Pharmacy Board, Nursing Board, Malaysian Medical Council, Board of Engineers Malaysia , Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia or Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia.

The environment should be one where students speak mostly in English so that you can improve your English and communication skills. If you are weak in English and choose a cheap university where the students speak mainly in Mandarin, it will be difficult for you to improve your English.

Star newspaper has reported that graduates with good English earn 25% higher salary and get faster promotion. The Ministry of Education reported that there were more than 70,000 public university jobless graduates and one of the main reasons was poor command of the English language.

Would you rather suffer for 4 years and get a high salary for 60 years of your work life or an easy 4 years and low salary for 60 years? The decisions that you make now, can change your life forever. Remember the best university doesn’t mean it is the best university for you. The best university is one that fits your career goals, your personality and can push you to a higher level of success.

Common Factors on How to Choosing Top Universities and Colleges in Malaysia

I had financial difficulties for my studies and contacted EduSpiral for advise. He took me and my mum to tour the college which fit my budget. It had excellent facilities & a job guarantee!
Calvin Teoh, Graduated with Diploma in Culinary Arts at YTL International College of Hotel Management

  • Is the course popular at that college or university?
  • Quality/reputation/ranking of the private college or university in Malaysia
  • Relevant awards & achievements of the university
  • Are the courses recognised and approved by the Ministry of Education Malaysia and the relevant external bodies?
  • Are the courses accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Audit (MQA)?
  • Are the degree programmes recognised or accredited by the relevant professional bodies such as the Malaysian Medical Association, Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM), Malaysian Pharmacy Board, Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), etc.
  • Type of programme (local degree, UK Dual Award degree, 3+0 UK or Australian degree, 4+0 American degree, degree transfer programme, etc)
  • Do the degree programmes have exemptions from professional bodies such as ACCA, ICAEW, CIMA, Chartered Institute of Banking, CFA, etc.
  • Do they have Internship and co-op programs during the diploma or degree?
  • Check the Entry requirements (Branch campuses in Malaysia have higher entry requirements)
  • Subjects offered in the Pre-University (Pre-U) Programme. Do they help you to achieve your undergraduate academic goals. Does the subject combinations allow you to enter your university and degree of choice.
  • Do they have enough students to start a class?
  • How many students do they have studying that course at that university?
  • What is the duration of the Pre-University (Pre-U), Foundation, Diploma or Degree Programme?
  • Does the college or university have a dedicated department to assist students for the overseas university and scholarship applications?
  • Does the college have regular visits from overseas universities so that you can expose yourself to the various universities and ask questions?
  • Quality of lecturers. What are their qualifications? How many years of experience in teaching?
  • Faculty contact/classes taught by full-time qualified & experienced faculty. What is the faculty to student ration?
  • Ask your friends who have studied there for their opinion. Ask your friends who are currently studying there as well.
  • How much money do I have to pay for the course and cost of living? Ask your parents. Note that you will need to have enough to pay the tuition fees as well as your cost of living. (tuition, hostel, food, transportation, etc.)
  • How much are the tuition fees? Does it include the external exam fees and other fees?
  • Financial assistance (Scholarships, PTPN Loan, EPF withdrawal, MARA Loan, etc)
  • Campus resources (labs, libraries, wifi, computer access, sports facilities, etc.)
  • How much is on-campus accommodation?
  • How much is off-campus accommodation? Note that it might be cheaper to find off campus accommodation on your own with friends. Is the accommodations near eateries, banks, entertainment, public transportation, etc.?
  • What is the student culture at the university? (English-speaking environment, ambitious, serious about studies, lifestyle or party university, etc) The language spoken mostly at the college by the students may also matter if you don’t know Mandarin or BM or English. If most of the students speak Mandarin at that university then it will not help you to improve your English. Having a good command of the English language helps you to get good jobs and promotions.
  • What are the Extra-curricular activities available? (Student organisations, clubs, sports, etc.)
  • Student support services. Does the university have a dedicated department to handle students’ welfare and emotional well-being.
  • Intake dates
  • Public vs. Private (STPM is tougher and choice of course & university is determined by the government)
  • Does the university organise job fairs regularly to expose students to the future employers so that you can get a job easily.

Common Factors in Choosing the Best College or University for the Pre-University Programme in Malaysia

First, EduSpiral took me around to a few universities and advised me on which course that would suit me. Finally, after deciding, EduSpiral met up with me and my Dad to help me to register.
Jia Jin, Foundation in Design at Taylor’s University

Here’s a list of common criteria in choosing a top private university in Malaysia for the Pre-University (Pre-U) Programme:

  • What type of university do I like? (Large, medium, small, city, suburbs, or outer city) Some people like small universities where you get a community feel while others like large university campuses where they get to meet lots of people.
  • The size of the university also matters to some people as some prefer a small and friendly university environment where you know everyone’s names. Some may prefer a medium sized university where there are more students to interact with and more facilities to use like a bigger library, student centre, computer labs etc.
  • In large universities you might feel lost but there will be more facilities like a football field, gym, swimming pool, basketball courts, etc. You just need to understand your personality and then choose the type of university that fits you.
  • If you are a sports person, you might want to find one with a football field, basketball courts, gym or swimming pool.
  • Safety at the university campus and community.
  • Know yourself, if you like city life, don’t choose a university far away from the city even though the facilities are great. However, if you have a discipline problem in having too much fun, studying away from the city may be a good choice
  • What are the facilities and resources offered at the university? – engineering labs, computer labs, computers, science labs, sports facilities, student centre, job placement centre, etc. Note – You should expect to get what you pay for.
  • If you like sports, you may not want to choose a university without a basketball court or gym.
  • Is it near public transportation? This is important if you do not have transportation.

Talk to the Best Education Consultant in Malaysia to Help you Make the Right Choice in your Studies

My daughter was not sure if she was suited for game design so I contacted EduSpiral for advise. He listened to us and helped us to decide on the course & university.
Wei Shann, Game Development at KDU University College

Choosing a course to study after SPM is not a science, it is a process. Students in Malaysia need to talk to the right education counselors so that you get the right information to help you in making this life-changing decision.

Ask the right Education Counselors in Malaysia to help you. Would you ask a Doctor on how to repair your car? Or would you ask a mechanic for medical advise? Although this sounds ridiculous, but many students do listen to advise from young and inexperienced counselors from universities, colleges or agents’ offices.  Talking to an experienced education advisor in Malaysia would help you to navigate through this confusing time of choosing the best course that fits you.

Experienced education counselors are able to analyse your interests, personality and exam results to help you make a list of possible courses for consideration. EduSpiral Consultant Services staff have more than 15 years experience in counseling students. Having worked in the private education industry, we have in-depth knowledge of each private university and college in what they are good at.

EduSpiral Consultant Services has worked with our partner universities and colleges for many years while the counselors at the private universities or agents’ offices change every few years therefore they would not have the in-depth knowledge of the courses and the university that they are working at.

At EduSpiral Consultant Services, I have worked in the private higher education industry in Malaysia for more than 15 years advising students with facts and evidence on how to choose the right course after SPM. You should carefully think about what are the options available to you. To choose the best course that fits you, students may fill up our EduSpiral Career Assessment form for evaluation.

The EduSpiral Career Assessment form is a simple form designed by us that gathers information from students after SPM, O-Levels, UEC, STPM or A-Levels in order to assess their aptitude helping us to determine the most suitable course and career progression.

A Top University that Emphasises on Soft Skills will Enhance your Employability & Future Career Success in Malaysia

EduSpiral emphasised the importance of having good English for our future career. I am glad to join a globalised university which has helped me to improve my communication skills.
Vincent Yeoh, Accounting & Finance at Asia Pacific University

Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot Jaem: between 2010 and 2013, the number of unemployed graduates grew from 42,954 to 52,282. And the Department of Statistics, Malaysia has more bad news: From their 2014 survey, 399,500 people were unemployed in Malaysia. 60% of them were youth.

Lack of self-initiative and soft skills are among the main factors leading to unemployability among fresh graduates in the country. Soft skills basically are the personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.

TalentCorp Malaysia chief executive officer Johan Mahmood Merican said some of the fresh graduates tended to take the job application process lightly, without taking the initiative to market themselves to the future employer.

Additionally, employers say many fresh graduates who have grown up in the tech era are less prepared for the human element of a new career. As a result, students who can hold a professional conversation, offer a strong handshake, and make eye contact gain an edge in hiring and promotions. For that reason, make it a priority to polish these much sought after skills.

Hard skills are the tangible and technical skills easily demonstrated by a candidate’s qualifications and specific professional experiences, soft skills is a term used by employers to refer to the more intangible and non-technical abilities that are sought from candidates.

Soft skills are sometimes referred to as transferable skills or professional skills. As this term implies, these are skills that are less specialised, less rooted in specific vocations, and more aligned with the general disposition and personality of a candidate. Examples of important soft skills are communication, teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, leadership, time management, flexibility, responsibility and a strong command of the English language.

As an undergraduate student, you will learn these skills at a university that has a vibrant student environment with a high number of international students and extra-curricular activities for you to participate in. A solid internship programme at the university will also help to develop your soft skills.

Soft skills relate to your attitudes and your intuitions. As soft skills are tangible compared to your qualifications and more personality-driven, it is important to consider what your soft skills are and how you might show evidence of them before you apply for a job. This is particularly true of the recruitment process for graduate programmes, where transferable skills and potential often have equal importance to professional experience.

If everyone applying for a particular job, all the applicants possess the same degree qualification, what would make you stand out from them? Being able to demonstrate your soft skills equates to demonstrating great potential to succeed and progress in the career of your choice.

In order to succeed in the competitive working world, students must choose the best universities in Malaysia to study. Students must start as early as possible to develop their soft skills in order to be successful in their future career. Students should choose the right university that fits them which has a good reputation for their courses, excellent facilities, internships, top lecturers, extra-curricular activities, international environment and an English-speaking student environment.

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EduSpiral Consultant Services represents the best colleges and universities in Malaysia offering a wide range of choices for students to choose from. These colleges and universities offer value for money in the quality of education and excellent facilities that you get.

These universities and colleges are chosen by EduSpiral because they represent the best in their fields in Malaysia and affordable. EduSpiral provides in-depth information and counseling on their courses so that students are able to make the right choice.

If you are still not sure what to study, please contact us and we will send you a free EduSpiral Career Assessment Form.



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