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Best Pathway to Chartered Accountant through Accounting Degree at Top Universities in Malaysia

How to Become a Chartered Accountant in Malaysia through Studying Accounting at the Best Private Universities in Malaysia Written by EduSpiral Consultant Services. For more information contact 01111408838 To be a registered chartered accountant in Malaysia, you must be a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), […]

Malaysia’s Top Accounting & Finance UK Dual Degree with ACCA Exemptions at Asia Pacific University (APU)

Leading University in Malaysia for Accounting and Finance Degree with ACCA Exemptions at Asia Pacific University Written by EduSpiral Consultant Services. For more information about Asia Pacific University contact 01111408838 There are many public and private universities in Malaysia offering the accounting & finance degree. Thousands of students are also studying the accounting […]

List of the Best Accounting Degree With ACCA Exemptions at Top Private Universities in Malaysia

Top Ranked Private Universities & Colleges in Malaysia for Accounting & Finance Degree Courses with ACCA Exemptions For more information contact 01111408838 Presently, Malaysia has about 7.5 million Accountants. The country requires another 60,000 Accountants to fulfill Vision 2020. A career in Accounting can give you high salaries if you […]