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BEST Cybersecurity Education Provider in ASIA – Asia Pacific University (APU)

Asia Pacific University (APU) has just been announced by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2020 as the Best Cybersecurity Education Provider in Asia

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Asia Pacific University (APU) has just been announced as the BEST Cybersecurity Education Provider in ASIA.

This spectacular achievement was announced by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2020 committee on their website. All nominations submitted were subjected to a judging process based on the demonstration of leadership, excellence and results in cybersecurity and a voting process by the Information Security Community, which consists of 400,000+ members on LinkedIn.

What is making this achievement greater is the fact that APU is receiving this award for the 2nd time in a row! As a continuation of APU’s excellence since last year, we stood out among all nominations for our excellence in providing high-quality cybersecurity education, particularly through world-class facilities housed at the CyberSecurity Talent Zone and the outstanding competence demonstrated by our academic team.

The honour has also been recognized by Cybersecurity Insiders on their website.

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What Makes Asia Pacific University (APU) the Best University to Study Cybersecurity in Malaysia

Choosing a university can determine the outcome for your future career. A top private university is able to enhance your learning experience and provide opportunities for participation, innovation and growth. Here are some reasons why studying cybersecurity at Asia Pacific University (APU) is a good choice.

The BSc. (Hons) Computer Science with Specialism in Cyber Security Degree course at Asia Pacific University (APU) is designed to meet the growing demand for Cyber Security Specialists in Malaysia as well as globally.

Asia Pacific University (APU), a top technology private university in Malaysia, has addressed these  concerns while demonstrating the university’s strength in providing first-class education in the area of cyber security. As an all-rounded education provider, APU has world-class facilities, qualified academics, industry-relevant syllabus and strong partnerships.

Furthermore, Asia Pacific University (APU), students will be trained to become qualified cyber security professionals who are ready to face challenges in the digital world through a wholesome experience.

In addition, Asia Pacific University (APU) is an award-winning university for Computing in Malaysia having won hundreds of awards. In addition, they are also a Premier Digital Tech status university. Studying Cyber Security at Top Ranked Asia Pacific University is one of the best choices you can make as a student in Malaysia.

Technologically Advanced Cyber Security Labs at Asia Pacific University (APU)

Qualified & Experience Asia Pacific University (APU) lecturers are committed to equip students with necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills upon graduation.

State-of-the-art infrastructure at APU’s CyberSecurity Talent Zone allows students to have real-life exposure within the university’s environment.

With the support of industry partners and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), APU continuously responds to the talent demand as they aspire to train and nurture “superheroes” of the digital space who will combat digital crimes and safeguard digital assets when they graduate.

Industry advisory panel consisting of experts from the cyber security field – CompTIA, ISACA, CSM, MDEC, TecForte, Cyber Test Systems, Cyber Intelligence and SecureKi – are involved in designing the curriculum at APU, ensuring the syllabus taught is up-to-date and relevant for students to change and improve the landscape of secure computing.

The full-fledged Cyber Threats Simulation and Response Centre (also known as Cyber Range) and Security Operations Centre (SOC) stream live monitoring data extracted from a database of cyber-attacks worldwide, providing a platform for hands-on practice when it comes to ethical hacking and incident response.APU also houses state-of-the-art infrastructure to complement the delivery of the curriculum.

In 2018, APU launched the nation’s first CyberSecurity Talent Zone, which is now home to military-grade real-time cyber security monitoring systems, research centres and simulation infrastructure to nurture global cybersecurity, networking and IoT talents of the future.

Based on real-time data, APU students learn to monitor, troubleshoot, investigate and escalate security breach issues. These experiences nurture security professionals who are ever-ready to join the cyber security workforce with their practical and technical exposure.

Malaysia’s Award-Winning Cyber Security University – Asia Pacific University (APU)

Asia Pacific University (APU) students win the KPMG Cyber Challenge 2018
Asia Pacific University (APU) students win the KPMG Cyber Challenge 2018

Asia Pacific University (APU) has won more than 200 awards in the area of technology locally as well as globally.

To win an award is proof that a student has reached a level of capability as well as the quality of the lecturer that has taught and guided the student in the competition.

Moreover, it costs money to participate in competitions, meaning that APU has invested money for her students to gain invaluable experience through these important events. As a student of APU, you will have the opportunity to participate in competitions if you are good and should you win, it will add value to your resume. Future employers will look favorably to outstanding students with top academic knowledge and practical experience.

Additionally, APU’s cyber security students have been excelling in local and international cyber-related competitions.

Moreover, APU has produced digital security superstars, who constantly outperform their peers at national and international level competitions.

Some notable achievements specific to Cybersecurity include the

    • 2020 – Gold Winner (Best CyberSecurity Education Provider in Asia)
    • 2019 – Gold Winner (Best CyberSecurity Education Provider)
    • 2019 – Champion
    • 2019 – 1st Runner Up
    • 2019 – 4th Place
    • 2019 – 5th Place
    • 2019 – 6th Place
  • Top University Award at the KPMG Cyber Challenge 2018
    • 2019 – 1st Runner Up
    • 2018 – Top University Award
    • 2018 – Champion (“APT, Malware & Cyber powered by FireEye” track)
    • 2018 – Champion (“Engineering & Cyber – powered by IET” track)
    • 2018 – 2nd Runner Up (Cyber Security Challenge 2018 – National Finals)
  • Champion of the Ernst & Young Asia-Pacific Global Hackathon 2019
    • 2019 – Champion
    • 2019 – Most Valuable Player (MVP)
    • 2017 – 3rd Place
    • 2017 – 4th Place
  • Three times champion at the F-Secure Intervarsity Cyber Security Challenge since 2016
    • 2018 – Champion
    • 2018 – 2nd Runner Up
    • 2018 – 10th Place
  • 3rd Place in the 2018 “HACK FOR GOOD” CHALLENGE
  • 1st Place in the 2016 JOM HACK: SMART CITIES WITH LORA
    • 2016 – Champion
    • 2016 – Gold Medal
  • Grand Prize Winner in the 2016 ANGELHACK GLOBAL HACKATHON (MALAYSIA)
  • I-HACK
    • 2016 – Champion (Forensic Challenge)
    • 2016 – Champion (Hack & Defence)
    • 2015 – 1st Runner-up
    • 2014 – 1st Runner-up
    • 2014 – 4th Place
    • 2014 – 1st Runner-up
    • 2013 – Award for ‘Information Security Training Provider of the Year’
    • 2012 – Award for ‘Information Security Training Provider of the Year’
    • 2009 – Award for ‘Information Security Training Provider of the Year’
  • HSBC YOUNG IT ENTREPRENEUR AWARDS 2004 – Judges Award for ‘Security Transmitter & Detector’ device