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Top 10 Universities in Malaysia for Marketing Management

Outstanding Marketing Management Course at Top Rated Universities in Malaysia

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Marketing is a popular degree programme in Malaysia and top professionals can command high salaries. In order to succeed in the competitive workforce in Malaysia, students must choose the best private universities in Malaysia to study the marketing course.

Marketing Management is a versatile degree that will prepare you for a wide range of careers in different types of industries in Malaysia. Students are attracted to it because they want to gain business skills as well as the added bonus of developing their skills in marketing. Students who are interested in business, psychology, communication, maths, analysis and innovative strategy then you would be suited to study a top Marketing Management course in Malaysia. Marketing Management covers everything from advertising to market research, so it appeals to a wide variety of students.

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List of Top 10 Universities in Malaysia for Marketing Management

EduSpiral provided me with in-depth advise on choosing the right course for my career.
Terence Wong, Business at Taylor’s University

Most students who choose to go to a university do so because they want to improve their chances of gaining employment in a job that is stable, good career prospects and high salary. Therefore, it is important to note that universities in Malaysia can differ in the extent of the marketing management courses and some may incorporate industry in the classroom and prepare students for employment with talks on soft skills, leadership and internship.

Many students have assumed that all universities and courses in Malaysia are the same and it doesn’t matter which university they go to as long as it is cheap, near and easy to pass.

They forget to take into consideration that a top university in Malaysia would prepare them to handle the challenges in their work, equip them with critical thinking and problem solving skills, enhance their English language & communication skills, develop team work and broaden their horizons through interacting with students from other cultures.

My mother whatsapped EduSpiral & he provided vital information to help me make my decision to transfer my diploma.
Soon Hong, Marketing at HELP University

If you want to be successful in your career in in Marketing Management in Malaysia, choose a top university to nurture your mind and character. The best universities & colleges in Malaysia for Marketing are:

  1. Heriot-Watt University Malaysia
  2. Taylor’s University
  3. Asia Pacific University
  4. Curtin University Sarawak
  5. UCSI University
  6. KDU University College Utropolis Glenmarie
  7. HELP University
  8. First City University College
  9. HELP Academy
  10. Nilai University

Studying Marketing Management Degree in Malaysia

“My friend introduced me to EduSpiral because I was confused about my next step due to my unexpected results in STPM. EduSpiral provided me with great solutions to fit my career goals.”
Kuo Qiat, Marketing degree at UCSI University

On a marketing management course at the undergraduate level in a university in Malaysia, there are a number of different subjects that will be studied. A marketing management course sets students up for working in any business in the future and there are a variety of course options you can progress in. Marketing management provides for many interesting and engaging career prospects after studying. The topics in a marketing management course cover all the various elements of a marketing business environment that helps individuals apply their theoretical knowledge, practically.

Marketing Management degrees help students to develop not only their personal skills but also presentation skills. Part of Marketing Management is about communication, so studying it will help improve your skills both individually as well as working in a team. This leaves marketing graduates looking more appealing to future employers in Malaysia as they have the skills that businesses look for, as you can show you understand all the particular elements of marketing management.

My mum contacted EduSpiral to help advise me on which course & university to choose as I was quite confused. He took us to visit the universities & helped guide me to make the right choice.
Bryan Yap, Foundation in Business at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Marketing is an excellent course to study if you are interested in consumer behaviour. It will provide you of an understanding of buying patterns and attitudes while also looking at the psychology behind certain marketing techniques. You will learn all about the branding elements to make a brand successful and the various communication tools that can help in that process.

By specialising in marketing management, you will gain an understanding of the principal methods and techniques of marketing and the crucial role it plays in increasingly complex and competitive domestic and global markets. The marketing management course offers the opportunity to study how modern marketing management acquires cutting-edge knowledge about consumer behaviour and consumption patterns, as well as strategy and innovation to enable the development of long-term relationships with customers.

Internship or Co-Op Programmes at top universities in Malaysia allows you as a student to apply the marketing theory in a real job situation. This will help you develop your skills for the work you have to do on your course, as you will have a better understanding of how things work in marketing.

Benefits of Studying Marketing Management in Malaysia

I was confused about what to study and talking to EduSpiral helped me a lot. Coming from Sarawak made it difficult for me to know which university was best in Malaysia & EduSpiral provided good insights.
Eric Lu, Business at KDU University College

Studying a course in marketing can lead an individual into many different sectors of work. With the vast development of technology, it has enabled marketers to have more flexibility when it comes to producing marketing campaigns. Platforms on social media allow for such specialist strategies to be created. Data has also helped the way in which marketers work. It is used to businesses advantage so that they can target consumers even more effectively. With so many prospects in terms of the technological advances, it makes marketing management a very desirable career to pursue in Malaysia.

Another huge benefit of studying marketing is the demand for qualified innovative marketers. In every business and industry in Malaysia, there will be a marketing team. This means that there will always be jobs available in marketing and with a specialised degree in the subject it makes you more appealing to fill marketing job roles.

A high salary can also be another benefit of studying a marketing management course in Malaysia as it offers many career promotional routes into senior positions. Salaries for marketing professionals in top management positions can be very high with excellent remuneration packages. The demand from top companies in Malaysia always needing marketers and strategists makes it a well-demanded job role. With the more experience gained, the salary benefits will only increase even more. The need for marketing will always exist so progression is inevitable in any marketing career.

Education Pathway to a Top Degree in Marketing Management in Malaysia

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Yen Yong, Business at First City University College

Students after SPM or O-Levels with at least 5 credits including the relevant subjects may enter the  Foundation in Business  or Foundation in Arts for 1 year before continuing on to the 3-year Marketing Management degree programme. Students who are sure of studying in Malaysia should just go for the Foundation programme as it is faster, easier and helps to enhance your English language & communication skills.

Pre-University graduates in Malaysia from programmes such as UEC, STPM, A-Levels, SAM, CPU, AUSMAT and others may enter directly into the marketing degree providing they meet the minimum entry requirements.

Alternatively, students with at least 3 credits in SPM or O-Levels may enter the Diploma in Business Administration and then transfer their credits into Year 2 of the Marketing Management degree course. PTPN Loan is offered for the Diploma and Degree programmes. Students who have completed a Diploma in Business Administration or Diploma in Marketing may transfer their credits into another private university into Year 2 of the Marketing Management degree depending on exemptions. For example, Diploma graduates from TAR University College may transfer their diploma credits to Asia Pacific University, UCSI University or Heriot-Watt University Malaysia.

Sample of Subjects You Will Study in the Marketing Management Degree Course at Top Private Universities in Malaysia

It is important that when choosing the right university to study at, you should look at the subjects offered. Many students make the mistake in assuming that subjects for courses are the same at all universities.

  • EduSpiral has given me great advise to choose the right course. Jun Sern, KDU University College
    EduSpiral has given me great advise to choose the right course.
    Jun Sern, KDU University College

    Understanding the Consumer

  • Services Marketing
  • Marketing in Society
  • Marketing Communications
  • Marketing and Globalisation
  • Marketing Intelligence and Research
  • B2B Marketing
  • E-Marketing
  • Delivering Customer Value
  • Customer Lifestyle and Behavior
  • Brand Management
  • Building Customer Relationship
  • Global Marketing
  • Innovation Management and New Product Development
  • Investigations in Marketing Management
  • Marketing Decision Making
  • Marketing Management Project
  • Marketing People, Places and Performance
  • Retail Marketing Management
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • One to One Marketing
  • Business Research Methods
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Current Issues in Marketing
  • Marketing Promotion

Working as a Marketing Professional in Malaysia

EduSpiral helped give detailed information on the courses and helped me to make the right choice.
Jin Xong, Business at Asia Pacific University

A marketing management degree from a top university in Malaysia will open many doors for you in your career, as it is an integral and in-demand job for most companies. The skills and techniques you’ll learn while studying marketing management can help you later on in your career.

Marketing is a diverse field to work in. Your role as a marketing specialist can fall within several areas, whether it is data based research and analysis of consumer behaviour, or the more interactive task of selling and promoting a service or product to other people. This provides a career in where you can choose your area of work preference, as for those who relish the challenge of networking and creating business relationships will be sure to thrive, and those who prefer a more behind the scenes role in the marketing process will be satisfied with market research or database.

EduSpiral helped me to transfer my business diploma into UCSI University. He had advised me to go for a university with an English-speaking environment so that I can improve myself.
Kwang Wei, Business graduate from UCSI University

Through the knowledge gained from the marketing management degree programme in Malaysia, graduates will understand how to undertake crucial tasks such as competitor analysis, which allows a business to focus on their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. External factors such as political, economic, social and technological are also learnt through a competitor analysis. It is important to understand the effects that each of these can have on a business.

Marketeers will always be in demand in Malaysia and globally. As long as the concept of an economy exists, and as long as businesses within that economy exist, marketing is always going to be in demand. The marketing role in a business is such an important component as it relates directly to their profit. It is the method by which a service’s quality and usefulness is transmitted to potential customers, and is therefore an indispensable to the business machine. A degree in marketing management, especially from a top private university in Malaysia, will provide you with a skills set which has no expiry date!

In a report by Jobstreet.com posted on Nov 18, 2016, Sales & Marketing professionals are the Most wanted talent in Asia. great prospects lay ahead for sales, marketing and business development professionals in Asia as hirers show high demand for these specialisations, SEEK Asia’s data shows.

Combined records from JobStreet.com and jobsDB, both under SEEK Asia, reflect the region’s current talent demand for the third quarter period of 2016. Over 16% of vacancies in this region are targeted at the sales and marketing professionals, making it one of the most hard-to-fill segments in Asia.
Meanwhile, Asia’s banking and financial industries post the highest job demands in the region.

Career Opportunities for Marketing Management Graduates in Malaysia

I am glad that EduSpiral recommended me to UCSI University as I gained so much real work experiences during all my Co-Op (Internship).
Paul Kong, graduated in Business Administration from UCSI University

Possible roles for Marketing Management graduates in Malaysia include sales representative, brand manager, marketing manager, sales executive, market researcher, advertising executive, marketing consultant or social media manager across a wide range of organisations, depending on your focus and level of experience.

Marketing Management graduates can work in almost any industry such as health care, advertising, IT, insurance, banking, health products, food & beverage, hospitality, travel & tourism, fashion, education, construction, property, and more.

They can begin work as executives in marketing, customer service, FMCG, business development, public relations, market research, retail management, consultants, account servicing, sales, and more.

With knowledge of marketing in both domestic and international markets, you can aspire to be a professional in marketing management, marketing research, public relations and promotions activities, sales management and sales.

Good marketing professionals can earn a lot when they become marketing managers, directors, or as Vice-President. Top marketing professionals in Malaysia can earn from RM5000-RM20,000 or more a month.

Average Salary for Marketing & Sales Professionals in Malaysia according to the Robert Walters Salary Report

Managing Director 360 – 550k 360 – 550k
Sales Director 300 – 504k 240 – 420k
Marketing Director 312 – 460k 240 – 450k
Communications Director 180 – 265k 180 – 265k
Marketing Manager 180 – 264k 144 – 240k
Communications Manager 108 – 156k 84 – 120k
Market Research Manager 84 – 132k 84 – 130k
Public Relations Manager 72 – 132k 72 – 120k
Sales Manager 72 – 126k 84 – 125k
Business Development Manager 72 – 120k 72 – 180k
Retail Operations Manager 72 – 120k 72 – 120k
Trade Marketing Manager 72 – 120k 72 – 130k
Account Manager 72 – 102k 72 – 102k
Brand Manager 72 – 108k 72 – 102k
Digital Marketing Manager 72 – 108k 72 – 140k
Customer Service Manager 60 – 96k 60 – 96k
NB: Figures are basic salaries exclusive of benefits/bonuses unless otherwise specified

Top Criteria to Consider When Choosing the Best Private University in Malaysia to Study Marketing Management

Here’s a list of common criteria in choosing a top private university in Malaysia to study marketing:

Recognition & Reputation of the Courses in Malaysia

EduSpiral counselled me online and met me at KDU Penang University College to take me around the campus. It helped me a lot in making the right decision.
Archie Wong, Business degree programme at KDU Penang University College
  • Is the marketing Foundation, Diploma or Degree course popular at that university?
  • What is the reputation or ranking of the private university in Malaysia? Global ranking by QS World University Rankings or locally by MQA in the SETARA 2013
  • Are the marketing Foundation, Diploma or Degree courses recognised and approved by the Ministry of Education Malaysia?
  • Are the marketing Foundation, Diploma or Degree courses accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Audit (MQA)?
  • Are the marketing Diploma or Degree courses accredited and recognised by relevant professional bodies in Malaysia?
  • Awards won by the university, staff or students for the particular course of interest. The number of awards won would be a guide on how good the university is for the course.

Academic Quality of the Marketing Courses at the University in Malaysia

My mum contacted EduSpiral to help advise me on which course & university to choose as I was quite confused. He took us to visit the universities & helped guide me to make the right choice.
Bryan Yap, Foundation in Business at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia
  • Subjects offered in the marketing Foundation, Diploma or Degree (Are they relevant, up-to-date, and help you to achieve your career goals)
  • Entry requirements for the Foundation, Diploma & Degree courses at the university in Malaysia (Foreign branch campuses in Malaysia have higher entry requirements)
  • What is the Class size for the course (Small class size for personal attention)
  • Faculty contact/classes taught by full-time qualified & experienced faculty
  • Quality of lecturers. What are their qualifications? How many years of experience in teaching?
  • Ask your friends who have studied there or currently studying there for their opinion on the teaching quality, environment and facilities.
  • Type of programme (local degree, 3+0 UK or Australian degree, 4+0 American degree, degree transfer programme, etc)
  • What are the Entry Requirements for the marketing Foundation, Diploma & Degree courses at the university (Foreign Branch campuses in Malaysia have higher entry requirements for their courses)
  • Does the university have a strong internship or Co-Op programme?
  • Do they have enough students to start a class?
  •  How many students do they have studying that course at that university?
  •  What is the duration of the course? When are the intake dates?

Facilities at the University for the Course of Interest in Malaysia

Our mum asked us to talk to EduSpiral as we did not know what to study. EduSpiral had helped our older sister before. He met us at Taylor’s, talked to us and then gave us a tour.
Gan twins, Foundation in Arts at Taylor’s University
  • Location of the university. Is it in the city, suburbs or country side? Some students prefer a city life while other students prefer a quieter university environment away from the city.
  • Size of the university. Courses such as engineering would require larger campuses with technologically advanced facilities, labs and software. Design courses basically require computers & software with small classes for personal attention.
  • Transportation. Is the university accessible to you? What are the public transportation available? If you drive, is there ample parking?
  • Campus resources (labs, library or resource centre, wifi, computer access, sports facilities, etc.)
  • Facilities for your course of interest. Labs, computers, software, etc.

Cost for your Marketing Management Foundation, Diploma or Degree Studies in Malaysia

My sister found EduSpiral online. I wanted a college that wasn’t expensive with great facilities and a UK degree. EduSpiral just helped us to find the right college.
Yen Yong, Business at First City University College
  • How much money do I have to pay for the course and cost of living? Ask your parents. Note that you will need to have enough to pay the tuition fees as well as your cost of living. (Costs for university studies in Malaysia would include tuition, hostel, food, transportation, entertainment, etc.)
  • What are the Financial assistance available at the university? (Scholarships, PTPN Loan, EPF withdrawal, MARA Loan, etc)
  • Is the PTPTN loan available for the course at the university?
  • How much are the tuition fees? Does it include the exam and other fees?
  • How much is on-campus accommodation?
  • How much is off-campus accommodation? (Off-campus apartments, houses, condominiums) Note that it might be cheaper to find off campus accommodation on your own with friends. Is the accommodations near eateries, banks, entertainment, public transportation, safe & secure, etc.?

Student Environment and Activities at the University

EduSpiral emphasised the importance of having good English for our future career. I am glad to join a globalised university which has helped me to improve my communication skills.
Vincent Yeoh, Accounting & Finance at Asia Pacific University
  • What is the student culture at the university? (English-speaking environment, ambitious, serious about studies, lifestyle or party university, etc) The language spoken mostly at the college by the students may also matter if you don’t know Mandarin or BM or English. If most of the students speak Mandarin at that university then it will not help you to improve your English. Having a good command of the English language helps you to get good jobs and promotions.
  • Size of the university or college in Malaysia. Some students prefer a large campus with sports facilities and other resources while other students like small colleges with family-like environment.
  • Make up of the student body (diversity, international students, gender, etc.) Universities with a good proportion of international students will help you to improve your English language skills since you would need to communicate with them in English. In addition, you will learn about their culture, behavior and discover new ideas. These skills will be useful to you when you work overseas or in a multi-national company.
  • What are the Extra-curricular activities available? (Student organisations, clubs, sports, etc.)
  • Is the university campus is a safe area? Safety within the campus and outside.
  • Public vs. Private (STPM is tougher and choice of course & university is determined by the government)

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I was confused about what to study and talking to EduSpiral helped me a lot. Coming from Sarawak made it difficult for me to know which university was best in Malaysia & EduSpiral provided good insights.
Eric Lu, Business at KDU University College

range of choices for students to choose from. These colleges and universities offer value for money in the quality of education and excellent facilities that you get.

These universities and colleges are chosen by EduSpiral because they represent the best in their fields in Malaysia and affordable. EduSpiral provides in-depth information and counseling on their courses so that students are able to make the right choice.

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